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"design is not a styling exercise: it's a journey in problem solving."

Our Methodology

Our proprietary InnovationAnalytics™ methodology, certified by the Customer Institute, incorporates best practices from numerous 'state of the art' approaches, such as Lean, Agile Management, Sense-and-Respond, Use Case Driven Approach, Design Thinking, Design Patterns, and many more

It was developed from the ground up and has been tested in multiple industries, and business areas

It includes step-by-step guidance, techniques and templates to enable and streamline analysis, development and effective collaboration on various components of the business design, business strategy, Go-To-Market strategy, business development strategy, value proposition design, product or service design to ensure success in the market place, as well as sustainable competitiveness in the respective industry

One of the key differences is that it includes a systematic, structured, and executable approach on how to perform each of the activities, how to develop each of the building blocks - each of the elements of analysis and design , the suggested template, and the format, as well as 'how-to' techniques to discover and leverage customer values especially ones that are non-obvious and intangible while extremely critical for the customer acceptance

This methodology does not require a strong background or deep expertise in business theories. E.g., it does not require business certifications, such as Lean or Agile Certifications

It offers a model that a person or a team can follow and execute step by step successfully, provided that they know & understand their customers and their industry well


Our business design firm specializes in services to help companies improve business design, business strategy, customer experience and usability of products and services to maximize their value through structured, methodical and continuous innovation, and to achieve enduring success in the market place and sustainable competitiveness

As an example, we offer the following types of fixed scope fixed price business consulting workshops:

  • Business Strategy Workshop

  • Business Design Workshop

  • Business Development Workshop

  • Go-to-market (GTM) Design Workshop

  • Value Proposition Design (VPD) Workshop

  • 'What-Next' Workshop

  • 'What-Else' Workshop

  • 'Why-Not' Workshop

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We offer private classes with lectures, exercises, open enrollment public classes, online courses, private mentoring and skills transfer sessions, workshops & seminars. Our proprietary course-ware materials and textbooks are used during the training

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How to pivot? Find best formula for your product or service!

Problem with design of your product or service? Learn how to improve the design to increase acceptance rate & grow sales

The following courses are also available on request:

  • Customer Value Analysis (CVA 812)

  • Value Proposition Design (VPD 815)

  • Business Design (BDM 820)

  • Designing Business Strategy (BSM 850)

  • Designing Go-To-Market Strategy (GTM 871)

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