We provide a range of affordable HIPAA-Compliant services to help healthcare organizations better differentiate themselves, attract more patients and referring doctors, reduce costs and expenses, improve staff job satisfaction, and reduce risks of non-compliance

Does your office still rely on fax to send and receive health records?

Do your patients have to

  • Call your front desk to set or change an appointment?
  • Call your office if they have a pre-appointment or post-appointment follow up question?
  • Come in 15 mins early and fill out paper forms?
  • Receive billing statements in envelopes?
  • Send their payments to your office in envelopes?
  • Seat in a waiting room if a provider is delayed (even if the delay was known ahead of time)?

Does your staff have to

  • Manually create and maintain list waiting lists for patients?
  • Call each of the patients on a waiting list one at a time, if a cancellation occurs, leave a voicemail, wait for the patients to call back etc.

If your answer is YES to any of the questions above, consider our OfficeFLO® subscription services for healthcare organizations