Maintenance Free Plumbing Services

More Time for Yourself, for your Family, and your Work!

  • Imagine, if all you need to get a plumbing issue fixed is to send a text message to the plumbing company with a brief description of the issue
  • Imagine, if the plumbing company would take it from there and handle all the necessary repairs independently until the issue is resolved at a low fixed flat fee
  • Imagine, if you don’t need to arrange somebody to be at home to the let the plumber in and stay with the plumber while the repair is being done

  • Annual service contract per each residence at $300/year 
  • Low deductible fee (labor only): 
    • $60 per incident handled during normal business hours (M-F 8-6PM, excluding official holidays), 
    • $90 per incident handled outside of normal business hours (weekends, nights, and holidays)
  • Replacement parts and appliances are sold at cost with no markup added by the plumbing company

  • Enhancements, modifications, adding new capability or functionality to make any type of  improvement in the current plumbing system
  • Installation of new components, systems or devices (e.g., water filtration systems)
  • Services related to any equipment outside of the walls of the residence, e.g., Wells, Water Pumps, Sewer System, Septic, External Drain Lines etc.
  • The services not included in the scope of the annual service contract can be purchased separately at a discounted hourly rate of $60/hr during the normal business hours. Any parts, equipment or devices are sold at cost
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