Full compliance service with minimum effort from you™

  HIPAA Compliance Management Services   

Customized HIPAA Policies & Procedures

HIPAA Risk Assessment

Ongoing management of HIPAA documentation, audit and access logs, assessment records

HIPAA Breach Notification

Security Breach Notification required by the State Laws & Regulations

HIPAA Training

Ongoing HIPAA support via live chat, text messaging, e-mail, phone

 IT Services within the HIPAA Framework 

Secure/Protected e-mail

Paperless invoices

Personalized Public Website

Online (Paperless) Forms for Patients

Secure Capabilities to Upload Patient’s Medical Records Online

Online Payments

Intranet Website

Online Forms for Staff

Phone Services (Primary Office & After-hours Emergency Lines)

Fax Services

Ongoing IT Support via live chat, text messaging, e-mail, phone